Centre for Leadership Studies

The Centre for Leadership Studies (CLS) is the training and education arm of BlueCommittee.Org. The CLS develops and delivers training in all activities related public advocacy and political campaigning.

We provide training in the following ways:

On Location Seminars
The Centre for Leadership Studies delivers training seminars for movement conservatives in various locations across the country. It also offers on‑location seminars tailored to the needs of conservative‑oriented groups and organizations requesting such a service.

Ongoing Training and Professional Development
The Centre for Leadership Studies maintains a fully equipped training facility in Ottawa where it offers training and professional development seminars for current and prospective elected officials, political staff and activists on an ongoing basis.

Online Courses
In addition to "on location" training, the Centre for Leadership Studies is developing a series of online courses that will allow students to enrol and participate remotely. We are also planning to offer archived lectures online that can be accessed "on demand."

While some courses are conducted by our small in‑house staff, most are given by experts in the subject matter being covered. Select courses will include a credentialing process. Certified graduates will be included ‑ at their request ‑ in a database and will be able to participate in a political staff/consultant referral service.